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Our Philosophy of Business

We know from experience that the most successful businesses build on a few very important principles:

  • Long-term relationships,

  • High customer satisfaction,

  • Product quality.

We also know that those long-term relationships can only exist where there is high customer satisfaction, and high customer satisfaction is not possible without proper attention to product quality. However, product quality cannot remove the need for other factors that enhance customer satisfaction, and customer satisfaction does not, by itself, ensure long-term relationships.

As in marriage or any other relationship, long-term results come from continual commitment to the daily small things that add up to life's great things. Our commitment, therefore, is to produce a quality product with prompt, friendly, quality service. Our desire is to have highly satisfied customers, but we also realize that humans are inherently imperfect. For that reason, we want to ensure that we keep an open door for easy access by existing customers as well as prospective customers.

To make ourselves accessible, we are providing contact information here. We would like to provide a simple one-click email link, but we have discovered that doing so makes us a target for many looking for a quick, easy buck by using electronic robots to scavenge email addresses from web pages so they can bombard us with unwanted email advertising. To make their efforts somewhat less productive, we are providing contact information without the one-click link. For that necessity, we apologize.

To contact us at any time, send an email to:   (or )

We regret having to use this method of contact but heavy spam traffic to our email boxes make it necessary. Spammers search web pages, using them as fertile sources of valid email addresses. (Though the addresses above look normal, they contain embedded coding that web browsers understand but spam scavengers would likely never recognize.)

Suggestion: It is helpful if you include one or more of the words "cyclone", "blower", or "dust collector" in the subject line of your message so that if it gets trapped as spam, it is easier to identify as legitimate mail.

We appreciate your interest in our offerings, and we look forward to serving you.

Clarke F. Echols
Founder and President
Clean Shop Air, LLC

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