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Quality Electric Motors
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Cyclone Dust Collectors

By special arrangement with the manufacturer, we are able to provide factory-assembled, top quality, electric motors that are equipped and configured specifically for use with our cyclones and blower housings. By purchasing in quantity, we are able to provide motors at a very aggressively discounted price similar to offerings from other internet warehouses.

These are not cheap imported motors of unknown quality or reliability. We offer only motors that are produced by respected manufacturers who build reliable products for industry and maintain high quality-control standards. They are also well balanced by the manufacturer for smooth, quiet, vibration-free operation.

Motor Viewed from Shaft End

Motor Viewed from Wiring End

Motor Viewed from Opposite Side

5-HP Blower Motor for
18-inch Cyclone

For our 18" cyclone kit and matching blower housing, we stock and recommend our Leeson 5-HP compressor-duty motor, complete with factory-installed C-face end plate, custom assembled to meet our specific requirements:

  • 5 horsepower, compressor duty motor with durable class "F" high-temperature insulation is specifically designed by Leeson for use in fan and blower-duty applications where high break-down torque is required.

  • Requires single-phase, 240 volt, 60 Hz. AC power with minimum 30-amp fuse or circuit breaker in branch circuit to supply up to 20.8 amps current at full load.

  • Motor shaft is 7/8" in diameter.

  • Open, drip-proof housing. Motor is normally positioned on blower housing with vertical shaft pointing downward. If installed outdoors, in an attic, or a significant distance (over one foot) below the shop ceiling, a rain and dust cover should be installed to protect the motor interior from water, dust, dirt, or other foreign matter. We can provide a factory-built cover for $26 if ordered with the motor (shipping charges apply if ordered separately), or a simple cover can be devised and built by the owner or installer if you prefer.

  • This is not a 3-HP motor. It is a full 5-horsepower motor that is capable of delivering a full 5 HP of power continuously, though it will run somewhat hotter than would a normal-service motor having the same rating. However, this is not a problem on a Clean Shop Air 18" cyclone with 14" blower, because the actual air being moved will only consume about 3 HP of power from the motor. The 5-HP capacity provides quick start-up of a heavy impeller without overheating the motor because of the extra available motor horsepower. Once the blower is up to speed, the power consumption is much less -- typically only the three HP or less that is actually needed to spin the impeller under normal work loads. Consequently, this is an excellent motor for powering an 18" cyclone.

Wiring Packages

For those who are concerned about having proper and adequate wiring, switching, and contactor capacity during start-up and shut-down, we are currently developing wiring kits and considering offering a completely wired motor package to supplement the basic motor. Due to the several different types of power receptacles for 240-volt, single-phase electrical wiring, we probably will not include the plug, or else we will require that the plug style be specified when the product is ordered.

More information will be provided on this page as designs are finalized and pricing determined.

Product Warranty

All motors we sell with our systems or individually are covered by each individual manufacturer's warranty policies. The warranty conditions for Leeson motors are available at the Leeson Electric Company's web site. In general, Leeson motors are guaranteed for a period of twelve months after initial installation, but not more than 24 months after date of manufacture, subject to conditions stated in their warranty policies. Warranty support and service is available through many distribution warehouses and service centers throughout the USA and the southern Canadian provinces. Warranty coverage is void if the product is incorrectly installed, incorrectly wired, or damaged or abused due to neglect or misuse.

Complete Motor

Go to the Leeson web site to find and display the complete motor specifications. Type in "120554" in the text box labeled "LEESON catalog number:" when it appears. Click on [Search] to find and display the specifications (the actual data is not accessible directly from the internet without going through the search feature. Note that the price shown is probably not current due to changes in market conditions. Our selling price on this motor is usually more than 40% below the current list price.

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