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But I Have No Previous Sheet-Metal Experience!


Can I Actually Build This Machine?

About 30 years ago, I concluded that our family was going to need a much larger home than the one in which we were living. As I contemplated the immense project, wondering if it was within my capabilities, I discovered that most home-building contractors and the workmen employed by them had little if any college training. As I looked at my experience growing up on a farm, studying graduate courses in engineering, and many other practical experiences, I decided that I could do it; particularly since I had access to an experienced contractor as a mentor, who also was a seasoned engineer. I knew he would be familiar with the structural issues related to its unusual design, so I decided to proceed. To make a long story short, despite challenges along the way, the task was completed in a satisfactory manner.

Building a cyclone from a kit is much simpler than building a house, and it really isn't a lot more complicated than a lot of work that typical woodworkers encounter when making things from wood instead of metal. Like the mentor I had when building my home, I have provided each kit with its own mentor in the form of a very detailed instruction manual that assumes the builder has zero experience with sheet metal.

If you are willing to exercise patience and carefully follow the instructions, you have a very high probability of reaching a satisfactory result. The very few difficulties encountered by and reported by kit builders to date have for the most part been due to failure to carefully read, and follow, the instructions. A very important part of building the kit is making sure that measurements are made carefully and accurately as explained in the instructions.

So relax. If you can handle a wrench, pair of pliers, and a portable electric drill along with a few other hand tools, you should have little trouble getting the job done and done well.

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Updated May 26, 2004

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